Analyze your DNA raw data with Genomapp and access 7 reports.

Each report includes a list of related conditions from our database of 7000+ items, overview, related genes, markers and technical information (like evidence summary, chromosome, strand..)

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Complex Diseases

Common health problems caused by genetic and other internal and external factors (cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s…). More on Complex Diseases Report.

Inherited Conditions

Your genotype markers that could cause monogenic diseases and offspring possibilities of being affected or being carriers of a monogenic disorder. More on Inherited Conditions Report.


Conditions related to genes that play a role in methylation mechanisms like folate or homocysteine metabolism. More on Methylation Report.

Pharmacological response

The most probable drug responses based on your genetic information. More on Pharmacological Response Report.


Specific characteristics of an organism: hair color, muscle performance… More on Traits Report.

Observable signs

Observable physical signs or symptoms associated with unhealthy processes or diseases. More on Observable Signs Report.

Blood Groups

Your genetic markers associated with blood groups. More on Blood Groups Report.


Reports generated by Genomapp’s app are the result of crossing our database with your raw data file. If you don’t find a condition or trait in your Genomapp results is because you don’t have a marker related to that condition in your raw data file or if it exists in you file, it is not in our database.



Complex Diseases, Inherited Conditions and Pharmacological Response Reports can be purchased separately or jointly. Please download the app or check you country’s app store to see the prices. Genomapp is committed to offering affordable prices so that everyone can access valuable information.

Methylation, Observable Signs, Traits and Blood Groups Reports are available for free.