Genomapp [genome+map+app] was launched in 2015 with the aim to arouse public interest in the new possibilities in genomics. It is the result of joining efforts and adding knowledge from different fields:

Genome Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Involves research and analysis of biological and biomedical information, omic data treatment and the use of bioinformatics in precission and personalized medicine.

Technology and Computer Sciences

Genomapp is designed for individual or family use and with privacy in mind. Through a partnership with RFDevelopments we have built iOS and Android versions of the app to reach the majority of users.

UX/UI Design

Scientific language is not always easy to understand for the average person. Genomapp uses icons, summaries and other resources to make information accesible to everybody. Researchers and health professionals can also find useful the related papers and links provided.


Genomapp is based in Spain with headquarters in Madrid and subsidiaries in Barcelona.

If you want to stay updated with Genomapp latest news you can follow us on Twitter. You can also reach us directly through our Contact form.