Complex diseases are common health problems caused by genetic and other internal and external factors. Probabilities and results on this report are based only on your genetic profile.


What are complex diseases?

Multifactorial conditions are common health problems and rare conditions caused by a combination of both genetic and other factors that may include internal factors such as ageing and exposure to external environmental factors such as diet, lifestyle, and exposure to chemicals or other toxins.

Multifactorial conditions have in common that they do not always develop despite the suggested presence of an affected gene(s). The inherited affected gene(s) make the person at increased risk for developing the condition (predisposed or susceptible) but unless other factors are present, the condition may never develop at all.

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

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Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer disease is a degenerative disease of the brain that causes dementia, which is a gradual loss of memory, judgment, and ability to function. This disorder usually appears in people older than age 65, but less common forms of the disease appear earlier in adulthood. Definition on GHR.

Parkinson Disease

Parkinson disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system. The disorder affects several regions of the brain, especially an area called the substantia nigra that controls balance and movement.

Often the first symptom of Parkinson disease is trembling or shaking (tremor) of a limb, especially when the body is at rest. Typically, the tremor begins on one side of the body, usually in one hand. Tremors can also affect the arms, legs, feet, and face… Definition on GHR.

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