Direct to Consumer (DTC) genetic test are very popular today. They make a perfect gift for your relatives on Christmas or Thanksgiving and give you insight about your family ancestry. But did you know that you can get more of your genetic test? 

Genomapp is an app where you can upload your DNA raw data to obtain additional health related information. To achieve its goal, Genomapp crosses your raw data file with reliable scientific sources. The result is a set of seven reports (4 of them are free) that can be purchased separately or as a bundle.

  • Complex Diseases
  • Inherited Conditions
  • Methylation
  • Pharmacological Response
  • Traits
  • Observable Signs
  • Blood Groups
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Why choose Genomapp?

Genomapp is not the only tool to analyze your DNA raw data but users choose it because it is easy to use, it’s the most complete and respects your privacy: 

  • User friendly. Results of genetic test are commonly difficult to understand. Genomapp makes an effort to present information in layman’s terms without losing rigour. Additionally, it provides links to papers and external resources for those users interested in expanding information.
  • Comprehensive. Genomapp has the most complete database:  more than 7000 conditions, 5000 genes and 80000 markers. Search what conditions are included.
  • Privacy. We will never trade with your DNA data because your privacy is the main concern for us. The app is designed so that your DNA data remains in your device and is not uploaded to any server.

How do I start?

Are you ready to use Genomapp? Simply download the app to your smartphone from App Store or Play Store and transfer your DNA raw data file to begin the process. In a moment you will have access to the free reports and the chance to purchase the more in depth reports (complex diseases, inherited conditions and pharmacological response).

If you don’t know how to download your DNA raw data file please visit your DNA test provider website and follow the instructions or see below.

Please note that Genomapp is not for diagnostic use, does not provide medical advice and is not a substitute for it. Do not change your drug regimen based on these results. Consult with your health specialist if you have any questions.

Are you ready to try Genomapp? Download the app now and test it with the demo mode!

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