Genomapp 7.0 brings an important improvement. We know that when you analyze your DNA raw data, transferring the file to the app is the most difficult part of the process.

This year 2021 we have redesigned the way that you share your file with the app and now, transferring your DNA raw data file to Genomapp is really easy:

  1. Tap on Process File and the File Picker will open
  2. Browse and select your DNA raw data file
  3. Pick the name of your DNA test provider and the analysis will start

Today we introduce a new version of Genomapp for Android with a straightforward file importing process. It reduces the manual inputs and automates most of the steps needed to analyze your file.

This new version of Genomapp fully adapts to all the security updates that Google has recently made. Transferring and processing your file is now even more secure.

We know that adapting to changes requires some effort but we are also sure that reducing the steps needed to complete the process will make the user experience less stressful for both new and seasoned users.

Have you tried the new Genomapp version and its renovated file analysis method? Let us know what you think!