When a customer purchases a DTC genetic test, in addition to personalized result files from the genetic provider company, she/he has normally access to a file that contains the analysis of her/his DNA. In other words, customer’s A’s, C’s, G’s and T’s in the evaluated DNA positions.  That is why is called raw data format, because this type of file needs to be processed in order to extract meaningful information. Raw data files are usually in a human readable format, text format, where each row represents: a DNA position (also called DNA marker) with the information about the marker name, that typically is a standardRead More

A DTC genetic test is a genetic test that consumers can buy online or in stores and does not require a physician’s order. They are also known as direct-to-consumer genetic tests, at-home genetic testing, home DNA testing or direct-access genetic testing. Consumers send the company a DNA sample, typically DNA derived from saliva, and after being analyzed, they can see the results in the provider’s website or in a written report. In the analysis, hundreds of thousands positions in the genome are measured to provide individualized reports. Companies look at a set of sites in human genome that commonly differ between individuals, known as SNPsRead More